Buy IG followers in 2016

Where to buy Instagram Followers in 2016

Buy IG followers in 2016

This week, the Instagram received a minor update to testing a new feature that allows you to see more information about users in the research within the application. The news is being released gradually and only some users have managed to show the differences, with the photographer Anthony Quintano, who noticed that the search of Instagram now are more similar to those of Facebook.

If you search for someone you know, for example, the Instagram passes to show whether this person is following you on social network or not. Basically, the Instagram will be an eye the whole time in your list of followers to inform who follows you back or not-here is an interesting option to unfollow some people.

Another small change in the “search” item of the application is that it passes the highlight users with a large number of followers. In the search, the application will show if the accounts are verified or not, making it easy to find famous people and most popular content creators, for example.

Yes, this update is really small, although it is very useful. The search feature of Instagram has always been very basic and not exhibited no further information about the users of the network, which sometimes confused some people.

As already mentioned, this update was only available to a select number of users for a closed test. Soon, probably a public update will be released for all platforms, bringing the feature with more information on the search bar.

Unfortunately you’re not imagining it, Instagram is really showing more ads. More ads, actually. In July last year, we mentioned here that the social network would start to serve more ads, and then he released an API of ads in August to allow third-party companies could sell ad slots for them. As Facebook does not disclose revenue figures of their products, no one knew how much “more” of advertising the Instagram really planned to sell.

The brand Networks, an ad network that is a partner of Instagram, data released Monday in two graphs showing how quickly increased their advertising efforts Instagram. According to the data from them were 50 million ad impressions on Instagram in August, a number that has doubled to 100 million in September and reached 670 million for the month of December. That means Networks produced 13 times more ad impressions after only five months.

That is, we can conclude that the Instagram is attracting more and more business, but the risk when you increase the number of ads on a platform is that they become less valuable for your quantity. That didn’t happen with Instagram yet, despite the dramatic increase in the number of ads, he kept a CPM similar (actually a little bigger), or cost per 1000 ad views, along the stretch of five months. The CPMs for all Instagram ads-that includes video and carousels, too-were $ 5.21 in September, reaching the peak in November $ 7.20, and after falling to 5.94 dollars in December.

Facebook hasn’t made any indication that he’s going to start treating the Instagram as a company with a revenue stream, separated from reports of Facebook, but the increase of advertisements it shows more financial independence for the network.